Day #6  “One Another” December 6, 2017   Be the BEST Band Member!!!

Be the BEST Band Member!!!

 “Live in harmony with one another.” (Rom. 12: 16)

Picture yourself in a band…THE Band…THE Band of Brotherhood that includes everyone everywhere. It’s actually God’s Band, and you are already in it!

So now that we’re in THE Band, how do we live? How do we relate to the other band members? How do we act?

Live in harmony with one another!

The original language of that phrase had multiple meanings.

Part of it is WHAT?  – Harmony: the combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions having a pleasing effect. It includes agreement or concord. It implies accord, agreement, peace, peacefulness, amity, amicability, friendship, fellowship, cooperation, understanding, consensus, unity, sympathy, rapport.

Part is WHO? —  Everyone…especially those who have no status, the ordinary, those who are not important to others. those who SEEM to be unimportant. Think of the Trinity’s divine dance where everyone is included and are constantly surrounded and filled with Grace: God’s UNConditional love in perpetual action working all things for the ultimate good: the Restoration of All!

And the third part is HOW?  Don’t be haughty [conceited, self-important, exclusive], or proud.  Be sensitive to each other’s needs. Be friendly with everyone. Live together in peace with each other. Do not overestimate yourself. Do not be wise in your own estimation. Don’t feel that you are smarter than others. Consider everyone as equal, and don’t think that you’re better than anyone else. Do not be arrogant

It’s amazing the multiplicity of meanings that a single Greek word or phrase connotes! It reminds me of how a single musical chord played in harmony by 100 different band members playing 20 different instruments can produce such a rich sound that’s so beautiful that it’s impossible to describe with words.  

With my background as a musician and band leader, all the above are extremely important for the success of the band – for the band to play enjoyable music. 

I know you can see how even more important it is for the success of life – the Abundant Life that Jesus has included us in, and wants us to enjoy and experience. 

We’re all IN Jesus’ Band. Now we have the opportunity to enjoy our inclusion and make it enjoyable for others. Every day is a rehearsal. Enjoy making Harmonious Music today, my friends!

Check out my new novel, “Convertible Conversations,” where you’ll be inspired by a former Army Bandmaster as he teaches his family and friends how to make Harmonious Music in THE Band. There’s a great analogy of Jesus, Papa and the Holy Spirit with a group called the “Texas Trinity Trio!” ~Paul Gray