Day #2 of “One Another” December 2, 2017

Serve One Another

 “Wash one another’s feet… serve one another in love.” (John 13:14, Galatians 5: 13)

 When Jesus washed the disciple’s feet (including Judas the betrayer, Peter the denier,  Thomas the doubter and all the disciples whom He knew would desert Him within hours) he was serving as the lowest servant would.

 In that day there was no sewer system. People often threw their raw sewage in the road. Dogs and cats were in the road. Horses were in the road. There were no city workers with machines to clean up the excrement.  People – including the disciples – who wore sandals – with no socks – walked in the road.

 Their feet were REALLY dirty…and it wasn’t just dirt.  People of means had servants to clean their feet as they entered their homes.

 Jesus was the disciple’s lowly servant. Jesus cleaned them up. He washed their filth away.

 Jesus told us that He only did what the Father asked Him to do and only said what the Father asked Him to say. I think at the Last Supper it was in His humanness that He asked The Spirit of God what He wanted Him to do…and He heard “Wash their feet.” 

What would that look like for you and me today? How can we serve one another – even those “hard to like, hard to love” people…especially in very menial ways, with no intention or hope of receiving anything in return?

We don’t have to worry about it or try to conjure up something on our own! We can rest, relax and trust Jesus. We can ask Him what He wants us to do in any and every circumstance we find ourselves in. Then as He shows us what He wants (which many times will be something we wouldn’t have thought ourselves), we just do it!

Beware – don’t try to do it in your own power and strength! Rather, ask the Holy Spirit of Christ in you to reveal what He wants you to do, and let Jesus do it AS you!

 Grow in Grace, my friends!

 ~Paul Gray

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