Day #1 of “One Another” December 1, 2017 — Lose the D!

Lose the “D”

Before birth we are one with our mother. There’s no us and her. No “one”–me…and “other” –her. We’re in her and she’s in us. It’s her food, oxygen and blood that nurtures and grow us. When she goes somewhere, we go too.  How could we not? We are one with each other.  Two entities…but together.                                                                                                                                                                                        Then – BAM!  We’re no longer together…we are separate. There’s us…and her.                                            We are the one…and she is the other. One and other.

Over time, that dualistic mindset leads to us/them… in/out thinking.  We continually separate things in our life into mine and yours, one and other, same and different, better and worse.  That’s what causes division, strife, war, enmity, hatred, judging, condemning.

With “us” – our group – we can be glorious and gracious…kind and loving…  but with them – others – we can be judgmental, vindictive, cruel. And when those in our group no longer believe what we believe or think like we think…even with us…we can be judgmental, vindictive, cruel.

A big reason why we’re like that is because that’s what many people believe God is like.  God loves us…but hates them. God is pleased with us…but not with them. God saved us…but he condemns them. They are our enemies, so they must be God’s enemies too. God loves us…like we are.  He’s for us. But they are different than us, so He doesn’t love them…He’s not for them.

The net result – the practical application of the Trinitarian Inclusion mindset is:


God lost the “d” – instead of one and other, there’s one another.

That’s why it’s so important that we understand the trinity – that we understand God has always existed in three persons – but one essence…and that essence is grace: love in perpetual action always working things out for the good. With God there has never been an us/them.

We have never been separated from God. God has never been against us.


If we only know that about God and “us”and stop there – and don’t include everyone else – if we don’t see people through Jesus’ eyes – we will stay in the dualistic mindset of

“us and them – in and out – good and bad – included and excluded.”  That’s religion’s whole ballgame.

Come and join us, become like us, do what we do, think like we think, believe like we do…and you’re “in” with God and with us. Otherwise…you’re “other.”

There’s us…and others. And all those others…are not in, they are out. They are not us…they are them.  They are not good…they are bad. They are not included…they are excluded.

I’m convinced that to really experience the abundant life that Jesus enjoys and experiences with the Father and Holy Spirit, we must lose the “d.” There’s no one…us and other…them –there’s only one another.

Today we’re starting a 26 day journey of “One Another’s” with Jesus’s New Commandment that he gave us in John 13:34 “Love one another as I have loved you.”

I encourage you to meditate on that verse, ask the Holy Spirit of Christ in you to reveal to you what He wants you to know for your life today, and then let Jesus love one another AS you today. WARNING!!! Don’t attempt to do it by your own power! That’s a sure-fire religious set-up for failure. Only Jesus can love as He loves you.

GOOD NEWS!!! Jesus wants to love one another as you…and He will! 

Check out my new novel, “Convertible Conversations” which is about two grandparents giving God’s Grace (UNconditional love in perpetual action working all things for the good) to their orphaned grandson…and others. It’s a heart-warming example of “One Another Love.” ~Paul Gray