Coronavirus and Convertible Conversations

Coronavirus and Convertible Conversations ~from Paul Gray

Someone recently sent me this message: “A lot of my friends and family are so afraid right now and the conspiracy theories are abounding. I feel peace  knowing I’m safe in His love. I would like for others to feel that also. Do you have any resources I can give them?”

I realized that I do!!! Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast with a vengeance in 2017. A few months later I released my best-selling novel “Convertible Conversations,” which chronicled a family’s tragedy, grief, struggles, faith, hope and eventual joys and triumph.

It’s not a “religious” book…it’s about God’s Unconditional Love, Grace, and Acceptance for ALL people.

The story loosely followed my own family’s tragedy of my son-in-law’s death to cancer at the age of 29. My wife, daughter, grandson and the rest of our family experienced that together. Now, 11 years later, we’re able to offer real, firsthand hope to those concerned and affected by the Corona virus.  

I’m convinced that the message in Convertible Conversations will bring peace and hope to you, your friends and family, especially in these trying times today.

As a result, I will send you a signed copy at my cost: $7.85 plus shipping. I’m not trying to make a profit from the current situation, so retrieving my cost will just allow me to purchase more books to send to others.

To get a copy, use Pay Pal and Put your name & address in the appropriate prompt and I’ll send you the book(s) ($11.11 each includes shipping) the next day.   (USA only)

VERY IMPORTANT!!! If you can’t afford a book now, but believe it will help you, email me at godisforme127@gmail & I’ll send you a free copy.

I look forward to hearing how Convertible Conversations helped you during the Corona virus!

~Paul Gray