Confidence and Assurance! March 18 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~

To My wonderful child, whom I want to experience My joy today,
There are many facets to My pure, deep, unconditional love for you, My child. Some of these are called the Fruit of My Spirit. Because I am love, they all flow from My love. The first of these (that is impossible to experience apart from knowing and experiencing My love) is joy!
My joy is different from happiness. Happiness is dependent on happenings…circumstances. When things are going well, according to you and your feelings… you are happy. But when you don’t think things are going well, you can be unhappy.
However, My joy is not dependent on circumstances or situations… it is dependent on Me and My unconditional love that never fails. That’s why I remind you often that My love is unconditional, everlasting and that it never fails. Then you can know and have confidence that I always love you and that nothing can change that. If I or My love could change, joy would be impossible!
My joy comes from the deep-seated, solid confidence and assurance that I am for you, I love you, I am always working out all things for your good, nothing can ever separate Us, and no matter what your earthly situations and circumstances are, things are always right with Me. My grace is more than sufficient for whatever comes your way.
When you are solid on this truth, then as illness comes, accidents happen, friendships come and go, situations and circumstances don’t go the way you want, even when death temporarily deprives you of being with a loved one, you may be sad emotionally, but you will still experience My confident joy in your Spirit.
The enemy tries to steal, kill and destroy by tempting you to worry about what might happen tomorrow so that he can steal your joy for today. His battlefield is your mind. You can choose to listen to Me… or him.
It’s like choosing life and joy…with Me…or choosing death, worry, doubt, fear and angst with evil.
I won’t force you to choose Me… that wouldn’t be love. But I offer, invite, extend and give you My love, joy and peace. I hope you will enjoy this day with Me and trust Me for tomorrow and not worry. I love you and am So for you!
~Love, Papa