Christ in ALL!!!

To me, this is a very special Note from Papa -- wanted to share it with you today!!! ~Paul “Christ in ALL!!!”  To My very special child, who I have immersed Myself in,    I want you to be aware of and look for Me today in everything. I, Jesus,…

Love thought for today!

God's love and actions are ALWAYS restorative...NEVER punitive. His love NEVER fails. His love NEVER ends.His love has ALREADY won! He has wrapped you in His loving embrace and won't let go...nothing can force Him to!!! ~Paul Gray P.S. If you're tempted to respond with Bible verses that seem to…

No separation or “hell”

No separation or "hell" Exerpt from January 7 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray "I don’t do exclusion or separation ever. There is no ‘hell’ as people have imagined it. I created everyone in Christ. Christ is in all, for all and through all. Christ, the Holy Spirit and I…

Nothing left to judge!!!

Nothing left to judge!!! Excerpt from January 7 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray I set the day of Jesus’s resurrection to raise you, and everyone, to new life in Christ. As the Apostle Paul told the pagan idol worshippers in Athens, I judged you all righteous— right with Me forever!…


Excerpt from Jan 6 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray Cured!!! Sin is not a terrible crime. It is a terminal disease that I cured in Jesus’ finished work at the cross. I am the Great Physician, not the Terrible Judge! ~Love, Papa

ONE Faith!

You have and you can live by the faith of Jesus… who loves you and gave Himself up for you. There is only one faith— Jesus’s faith! Exerpt from January 4 Notes From Papa by Paul Gray

Living AS You!!!

  Jesus, the Living Word of God, Grace personified, who lives in you, as you and through you, continually facilitates effortless change in you by the power of the Holy Spirit in you! -- excerpt from January 3 "Notes From Papa" by Paul Gray