“Bye Bye Shadow god” May 15 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My beloved child, whom I totally adore,
As a child you were fascinated with your shadow. Now you hardly give shadows a thought. But your belief in a “shadow god” has hurt you… and others… immensely.
I am Light. Jesus is the Light of the World. Our illuminating, penetrating light not only exposes impurities, but it also brings to light the truth of who you really are… which is all good.
When you, or anyone, looks at Us face-to-face, you are in Our brilliant light which exposes and invites you… and everyone… into the wonderful fellowship of Our Divine Triune circle dance of love and everything good that flows from our agape love (joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faith, mercy, compassion and grace!)
Our brilliant, revealing light shows you plainly that you, and everyone, are in Christ and Christ is In you. Jesus did that at the cross… once, permanently, for all! Our light reveals that you have been cleansed from all unrighteousness and been made righteous in Christ! That enables you to have fellowship with one another and with Us. We are One!

However, when you turn your back to Us, then all you see is a shadow—dark, lifeless, impersonal, mute, incapable of love, unable to touch and embrace… just a dark caricature of Us… the real God.
Repent! Change your mind about who We are and who you are! Turn 180 degrees from looking at the shadow god and come face-to-face with Us – your companions who love you unconditionally, forgive you unconditionally, accept and include you totally, and who continually give you grace for each moment forever! In Us, there is no shadow or turning. No more shadows! Live in our Light!
~Love, Papa