By Grace You Are! January 22 Notes From Papa

To My very special grace-filled child,
You know that I am love— pure agape love that always does what is best for the other person. You know that is different than just being loving. I actually am love. Everything that I think, say, do and am about is pure love. That’s why neither you nor anyone ever needs to fear Me!
Now I want you to start on another never-ending journey. I am also grace. I am grace. It’s not that I give grace, minister grace or provide grace… I am grace! That’s who I am and everything that I think, say, do and am about is grace!
I am grace. Jesus is grace. The Holy Spirit is grace. We only and always relate to you, and everyone, in and by Our Grace. There is no other side of Us. There is nothing to balance with grace… how foolish to even entertain that thought!
Think about this now— Jesus is grace and you are saved by… Jesus/Grace. Jesus is in you and with you— Grace be with you! Jesus is sufficient, Jesus is enough: My grace is sufficient. Because of Jesus and His finished work at the cross, you are who you are. That’s how Paul could say, “By His grace, I am what I am.” Grace is in you! You are in grace. By grace you are!
Grace is not a doctrine, grace is not an it, just like the Holy Spirit is not an it. Grace is not something you can study and dissect. Grace is a Person whom you know. This is eternal life, that you know Me, the only true God, and Jesus and the Holy Spirit of Christ. This is eternal life, that you know love. This is eternal life, that you know grace! This is eternal life that you know truth. Jesus is truth. Jesus is full of grace and truth. There is no darkness, nothing bad, nothing less than, nothing not good in Jesus, the Holy Spirit or Me.
We are all good, all love, all grace and all truth! By grace you have the mind of Christ. By grace you are complete. By grace you have the fullness of Christ. By grace you are pure, holy, innocent, without fault, right with Us and one with Us! A doctrine didn’t do any of that for you… We did! Grace is who We are.
I want you to start equating grace with Jesus and just like you know Jesus is in you, the hope of glory, I want you to know that Grace is in you and with you— and Grace wants to live as you and through you.
Your life, your very existence, is all by My pure gift of grace through Jesus’s faith to your faith— from Faith to faith.
Grace and peace are with you and in you. Enjoy!
~Love, Papa Grace