“Both And…not Either Or” April 16 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My very wonderful child, whom I delight in revealing Myself to,
My child, I want you to begin to see how you, and all mankind, have incorrectly viewed Me with an “either-or” mindset instead of truthfully seeing that I am “both-and.” The enemy-deceiver has lied to you and by keeping you in The Great Darkness, he has effectively stolen your peace, joy and love. You have believed the dualistic lie that because I hate sin I can’t stand to be in the presence of a “sinner.” That is a lie, straight from the evil one.
I am love. I love you, and every person, unconditionally. I love to be with you. I created you for us to be together. “Sin” is any area where you fall short of My relational perfection and thus miss the mark of experiencing and enjoying Our perfect relationship of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faith, grace and mercy.
I love you totally and I hate anything that keeps you from experiencing the fullness of life with Me and others. I never hate you… or anyone. I see the difference between you, the new creation, who I have made perfect—pure, holy, innocent and right with Me forever— and your thoughts and actions.
The enemy wants you to believe the lie that you are your thoughts and actions. That’s not true! So, I can easily and joyfully love you unconditionally and love to be with you, while at the same time hate sin that hurts you! I can be both holy and at the same time be with, around, and in that which isn’t acting holy.
You have believed the evil one’s lie that since I am perfect and have perfect standards, that I must exact payment or retribution to balance the “scales of divine justice.” You have believed the lie that My anger has to be vented on someone… someone has to pay to assuage and appease Me.
That is another damnable lie straight from evil. I… not the evil one, not religion, not the church, not doctrines… but I determine what My justice is and whether or not I have to be appeased. My determination and definition of justice has always been to make all things right for everyone and to restore all people and all things to My original intent. I have never had to be appeased or had scales that have to be balanced. I have perfect standards and I make all things perfect in the end!
Both and… not either or! I will show you more and more! I love you and am for you!
~Love, Papa