Better than you can imagine! March 21 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray

To My most special child, whom I get to be with forever,
No human can even come close to understanding what heaven is like until that moment when you see Me face-to-face in the life-after. You all speculate, wonder and come up with ideas… which is ok, but you’d be better of spending your time otherwise.
Heaven is not only so much better than you can imagine, it lasts forever and each “day” you experience something better than the day before.

For starters, I’m there with you and we will enjoy each other immensely! There will be no thought of separation. There will be no tears. There will be no sin (which is falling short of My glory) and My glory is grace. You will be totally encompassed in the glory of My grace. You will totally understand that you are My child, that you have all My riches and that we are totally right for each other because of what We did at the cross!
There will be no disease, no pain, no judging, no hurting one another— it will be total abundant life with Me and each other. You will be with Me and I will be with you… and we will be with everyone else!
While I don’t want you to waste your time trying to figure out what heaven will be like, I do want you to trust Me and believe Me when I tell you that it will be amazingly more wonderful than you can possibly comprehend on earth.
And… your life on earth can be much more like heaven than you currently think! As you believe Me and let Me reveal My love, grace, acceptance and inclusion of everyone to you, you will start to experience My will being done on earth as it is in heaven! Enjoy!
~Love, Papa