Be Encouraged Today! January 19 Notes From Papa~

To My most wonderful child who needs encouraging today,
Oh My child, I am so close to you. I know exactly how you are feeling. I know all your thoughts and emotions. I also know the deepest you, what’s really behind how and what you’re feeling right now.
I know all the complex mental, emotional and spiritual links that are all part of your very fiber of being. I know why you feel like you do, even though you can’t fully comprehend it… you just feel.
Right now you feel tired, worn out, over-whelmed, loaded down, incapable and burdened. I feel it with you because I’m in you. I want to help you discern which are valid feelings and which are attacks from the enemy.
Sometimes you are just physically tired. During those times, the physical feeling can over-shadow everything else and you incorrectly conclude that you are incapable and not able to do what you think you need to do today.
Every time you feel like that, come to Me! Tell Me how and what you’re feeling. Of course, I already know, but it’s for your benefit to verbalize and to hear yourself say it. Then listen! I will tell you.
I may tell you to take a nap, go for a walk or listen to your favorite music. I most likely will show you unrealistic expectations that you have placed on yourself that are not from Me!
I may tell you to reschedule things to another day. Whatever it is that I show you that I want you to be doing today, I will empower you to do it. When you relax, rest and trust Me that I am doing it as you and through you, you will feel My strength, energy and power surging through you.
Your mind will become clear. You will hear Me telling and showing you what I want. Your tiredness, weakness and discouragement will dissipate and you will be strong, bright, enthusiastic, joyful and confident in Me.
We will do it together!
I so love you and I’m so for you!
~Love, Papa