Amazing Gifts!!! December 25 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

Amazing Gifts!!! December 25 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My Most Cherished Child!

Here are just some of the amazing gifts I have already lavished on you:

Every Spiritual Blessing There Is!

Unconditional Love!  My Glory!

Total well-being!  Eternal Life!

Grace…to the infinite Power!

Perfect Peace!  Glorious Perfection!

Everything you could ever need for life and complete devotion to Me!

Knowing Me!  Union with Me! Oneness with Me!

Fulfillment!  Perfect Righteousness!  Overflowing Divine Power!

My own nature!

Wisdom!  Sanctification!  Holiness!  Justification!

Inclusion in My Family!  Total Unquestioned Acceptance!  Immense Value!

Kindness! Goodness! Gentleness! Faith of Christ! Patience! Compassion! Mercy!

The Holy Spirit! Christ Himself! Myself (your Father)!

I want you to know that all these gifts are irrevocable and will never be rescinded! All this…and so, so, so much more that I have already given you makes you My visible display of My limitless riches of Grace!

Merry Christmas! Love, Papa

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