Always Totally Safe and Protected!!! April 10 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~

Always Totally Safe and Protected!!! April 10 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~
To My cherished and highly adored child, whom I am most fond of,
I absolutely want you to feel completely and totally safe and protected in My presence every second of every day of your life. And I want you to know beyond a shadow of doubt that you will always be totally safe and totally protected by Me through all eternity.
Good earthly parents would never, ever want their children to not feel safe and protected in their presence. Imagine how much more I, your perfect heavenly Father, want you to be confident and assured about My love, care, provision and protection! Listen very carefully, My beloved child: if you ever have even the slightest feeling of not being safe and protected with God— it’s not Me that you are afraid of. This is some other pretend god that evil is trying to deceive you into thinking and feeling that I am not good, I am not in control, that I’m fickle or that I don’t care.
All of those thoughts imply that I’m not really love or that I don’t love you, or that I’m not powerful enough to protect you. They are all lies! I totally am love. I totally love you and nothing can ever change Me or affect or separate you from My love! Your enemy tells you things like, “See, you did a bad thing or had a bad thought. You’re not good. Therefore, God does not love you. You’d better watch out. He’s going to cause bad things to happen to you and punish you.”
Those are all absolute lies! There is no truth to them whatsoever. I do not love you because you do good things or think good thoughts… I love you because I am good. Period!
Unlike humans, I love you just the same no matter what you think or do. You can’t comprehend, understand or believe that with your human understanding. I have to reveal that to you. You have to receive that… which is true and already yours by and with the faith that I give you to receive and believe.
I am asking you to listen to Me and believe Me. Take sides with Me. Confess (which means to say what I say and believe what I believe) that you are totally and forever loved by Me. You are totally and forever safe and protected by Me. You can relax, rest and have no fear whatsoever.
My perfect love casts out all your fear. Fear comes from your enemy. Reject it. Believe and trust Me and feel safe and protected because you are… by Me!
~Love, Papa