Always Gentle! October 23 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My precious child,
Think about how you act with a little newborn baby… you are gentle. You would never be harsh, yell, scream or be forceful with a little baby. You’re gentle. You love that little baby unconditionally, you do everything for that baby, you delight in that baby and you are soft and gentle with that baby. You are that way… because I am that way! I am gentle… always… with everyone!
I know that you have been taught destructive religion’s lie that I’m only gentle when you are good and do what I want… but that I am harsh, demanding, punitive and condemning when you are “bad.” That’s a lie… plain and simple. Reject that lie. The people who falsely represent Me as being like that aren’t bad people… they are misguided, ill-informed and don’t know Me… or they would never believe those lies.
You know My Proverb that says, “A gentle answer turns away wrath.”  Think about Jesus experiencing all the collective wrath of mankind (not My wrath) at the cross. You… mankind… beat Him, tortured Him, whipped Him, mocked Him, scourged Him, yelled at Him, cursed Him, spit on Him and crucified Him. Do you know how He responded?… With Gentleness!
When Jesus was reviled, He never reacted in kind. Jesus took the worst of the worst that all of humankind collectively could do to Him and He never said “stop.” He never raised His voice. He never condemned you. He never shamed you. He never called down legions of angels to punish you. In fact, He prayed, “Father, forgive them… they don’t know what they are doing.”
Jesus was totally gentle with you and all mankind. That’s the way We always are with you. You could never do anything worse than what you did to Jesus at the cross. We are gentle with you… and We want to be gentle to all others as you. So, any time you are in contact with someone who is hard, harsh, condemning, angry, wanting to pick a fight… just stop! Ask Me what I want you to know, think and do… then let Jesus living in you do exactly that as you!
And… We want you to be gentle with yourself. We never want you to be harsh, condemning, accusatory, punitive or critical of yourself. Treat yourself as We treat you… with pure love, total forgiveness, complete acceptance and inclusion. Be kind, good and gentle to your own self!
~Love, Papa

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