All means ALL! May 22 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

All means ALL! May 22 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray
To My deeply cherished and highly loved child,
I very much delight in revealing to you My mysteries— including the Greatest Mystery of all time.
As you know, ever since Adam and Eve succumbed to lies and their minds became darkened, everyone since then has been trying to figure out and come up with ways to “get right with god” both in the now and for their life-after in eternity.
You are seeing now the revelation of the Great Mystery— Christ in you, the hope of glory! There is no way to “get right with Me.” There is no way to be included. There is no way to get in. There is no way to “get saved.” There is no way to avoid hell and go to heaven.
Trying to gain and maintain a right relationship with Me is the epitome of missing My mark of perfection! The revelation of the Great Mystery is this: Christ is in you! You are In Christ. We did that already before the foundation of the world and in time and space at Our finished work at the cross. We are in you and We aren’t going anywhere, ever!
Today you know that Christ is in you… He is one with the Holy Spirit and Me. You are in Us and We are in you— and it’s all Our doing! You had nothing to do with that at all! Jesus came to seek and save the lost… and He did! He didn’t come to offer a potential salvation to only those who would “get the prayer right” or jump through the “right” doctrinal hoops. He actually saved the world!
And the rest of the Great Mystery is this: We included everyone! There is no exclusion. There is no separation. All means all! Christ died for all. All died with Christ. All were raised to new life in Christ. All sin has been taken away. All are new creations.
There is no separation between Us and any humans. You are all one with us! Christ is all, in all, for all and through all. The only “distance,” “separation” or “exclusion” is in the darkness of a person’s mind. It’s not real. Most people just don’t know this… yet.
Separation appears to be real to those who only see this temporal world’s system. The Great Mystery has to be revealed to every person. Peter, who was with Jesus 24-7 for three years, didn’t get it until We showed him in a vision not to call anything unclean that We call clean. Saul didn’t get it until We personally appeared to Him on the road to Damascus and revealed Christ in Him and Christ in the Gentiles!
Now, let Us continually enable you to see yourself and everyone through Our eyes. You and everyone are one with Us!
~Love, Papa