All For Your Benefit! May 2 notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My very special child, who I am as close to as is possible,
I am absolutely thrilled that you are starting to grasp how close We really are! I know you better than you even know yourself. I know your every thought and feeling. But even more than that, I know the motives and reasons behind your every thought and feeling… what’s behind the words you speak and actions you take.
You don’t always realize why you feel a certain way or why you say or act or react the way you do… but I always know!
If you were afraid of Me and thought that I was continually evaluating, judging you and comparing you to Myself or others, the fact that I know everything about your thoughts, feelings and motives would render you incapable of loving Me and would cause tremendous stress and angst in you.
That’s why it’s so important for you to know that I don’t judge you. I don’t keep any record of your wrongs. I don’t hold any sins against you. Rather, I am totally for you! Everything I do in our relationship is for your benefit… so that you can be free, flourish and enjoy our life together in our Triune circle dance of love, joy, peace and everything good!
I am all about setting all things right and totally reconciling you and everyone to Me and each other. I truly do and am always working out all things for your good and for the good of everyone. So you absolutely need to never fear Me!
Instead, I want you to take advantage of the great resource that I give you in being so close to you that I know everything about you. Here’s what I want you to do: when you find yourself being angry… stop! Quiet yourself and ask Me “Papa, why am I angry? Please show Me what’s going on here.” Then listen.
I will show you and I will tell you what to do and if you let Me, I will actually do it in you, as you and through you! Do the same thing when you are sad, worried, scared, puzzled… whatever you may be feeling.
Most likely I’ll be able to show you something that you weren’t even aware of that totally changes how you see and feel about the situation. Then you’ll be able to overcome and triumph in whatever is going on. As you do, you’ll grow even closer to Me and experience My love, grace and acceptance even more!
~Love, Papa