All Done In Advance! June 7 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~

To My wonderfully special child, whom I have already done everything for in advance,
Today I want you to remember (and remind others) that I have already blessed you all with every spiritual blessing there is in the heavenly places! Before creation We chose you to be holy and blameless! We sealed you with the Holy Spirit of promise. We made you alive with Christ! We seated you in the heavenly places with Christ. The real you is there right now!
We made you Our masterpiece, Our poem, Our divine workmanship and created good works in advance for you to do! We made you members of Christ’s body and partakers of His divine promise. We took you out of darkness and put you in the light of the Lord. We made you citizens of heaven… members of Our family!
We gave you the peace of God which guards your heart and mind. We supply all your need. We made you complete in Christ. We raised you up with Christ and hid your life with Christ in Me. Jesus, The Spirit and I did all this for you because you are Our child! In Our finished work at the cross, We did everything for you for your relationship with Us. It is Finished!
~Love, Papa