ALL Clean! March 10 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~

To My child, who is perfect in all My ways,
You are perfect! My perfect love and Jesus’s perfect finished work at the cross has made you perfect! You are clean! I have given you a new heart that is totally clean and perfect. You are flawless and spotless. I made you so and I am persuaded of your identity!
Your challenge is that you unnecessarily focus on your actions that you, and others, deem dirty. Then you believe (incorrectly) that those actions make you dirty.
You take that same twisted logic and judge others. You then call yourself, and others, dirty or unclean. Now listen to Me: Do not call anything or anyone unclean that I have called clean!

I was in Christ Jesus at the cross, reconciling all the cosmos (everyone and everything) to Me, not counting anyone’s sins against them! I have put you all in Christ and give you all new life in Christ. I made you all righteous and clean. I call you all clean! Do not call anyone or anything unclean that I call clean! See everyone, including yourself, as I do: Perfect in Christ!
~Love, Papa