2 Constants! December 13 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

2 Constants! December 13 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My very special child, who I am so happy I created and who I love to be with,

   You have had a plethora of emotions flooding your mind these past few days. At times, you’ve been joyfully exuberant, confident and hopeful. Then you’ve been almost overwhelmed by what you perceived to be suffocating responsibilities. You’ve also had fearful worry about finances and loved-one’s wellbeing.

   At the other end of the emotional spectrum, you’ve basked in the warm glow of friendship and love with those who are closest to you. You’ve been tired physically and emotionally, and then been rejuvenated and energized after rest and relaxation through this roller coaster carnival-like experience.

   There have been two constants through all this: the deceiver and his lies, accusations and condemnation… and Me, your hope, peace and ever-present help in times of trouble.

   You have been able to see and experience Me and My love, joy, peace, grace, affirmation, encouragement and comfort every time you chose to come to Me. That’s My desire for you always… that you would come to Me and fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of all faith (your faith that comes from His faith.)

   I’m not by any means ready to take you out of this world… I have so much more for you to experience and so many more people to help through you! And I promise that I am always with you and always helping you while you’re still in the world.

   Take heart! Take joy! I have overcome the world, death, evil, sin and the evil one and his minions.

   I am all-sufficient, way more than enough. My grace covers and takes care of everything.

     As you continue to come to Me, rest in Me, relax in Me and let Me live in you, as you and through you, you will find your times of joy and peace lasting longer and longer. You will notice that your feelings of fear, doubt,  worry and angst are coming less often, not being as strong, or not lasting as long.

   However, from time to time, the enemy will attack you when you least expect it… when you’re tired, weak, vulnerable and susceptible. He’s wily and he knows when those times are.

   You may feel overwhelming defeat that you thought would not come again. But never fear! No worries! No condemnation! Don’t beat yourself up. Simply come to Me, let Me cast him away. Let Me remind you of who I am and who you are in Me, and celebrate another victory in My abundant life in you!

   Without the challenges, trials and temptations, you’d never experience the joys of victory!

   Believe Me. Trust Me. Depend on Me. Listen to Me. Enjoy Me as I enjoy you!

~Love, Papa

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